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We weren't taught how to interact with money, let's change that for our kids.

Pigzbe is an app which helps children learn good behaviours with money, safely.


Assign tasks and teach kids the value of their effort, paying pocket money when tasks are done.

Pigzbe teaches how to delay gratification, visualising their saving towards achieving their goals.



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How do you teach kids about money, when there are no coins to touch?

Pigzbe gives you as a parent the tools to make teaching them simple.

Set tasks

Help steer kids to the right behaviour, with rewards for completing the tasks you set.

Spend it, or save it? Set saving goals they can see, and motivate them to delay gratification.

Create goals

Take an active role as they learn how money works through the Pigzbe app.

Be involved

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How it works

Pigzbe makes learning about money easy, safe and fun

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Teach your kids how to earn, save & budget with the Pigzbe app.

Earn your kids £20-worth of free pocket money by joining the launch list today.

Instil good money values at a young age, helping children develop a positive relationship with money.

We'll send your free pocket money when you subscribe. A Pigzbe app subscription is £3.99 a month for up to two children with 1-month FREE trial.